Cole advises Chelsea to continue supporting Jackson.

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Joe Cole advises Chelsea to continue to stand by Nicholas Jackson, despite the 22-year-old being seen as a waste of opportunities. The obvious one is the FA Cup semi-final game lost to Manchester City on Saturday.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side controlled key moments in an extremely close game. And created many opportunities to score goals before losing 0-1 from Bernardo Silva’s late game goal.

Jackson is considered to be the cause. And was heavily criticized by Chelsea fans themselves both during the game and after the game ended. and received a rating of only 4/10 from the Promotion ufabet.

He missed a chance with a solo breakaway late in the first half. By choosing to pass the ball instead of shooting himself Even after touching and avoiding the goalkeeper

In the second half, the striker missed two more key chances within seconds of each other. By making the mistake of falling solo again. Before the point-blank header went straight to Stefan Ortega.

Cole advises Chelsea to stick with young striker now By stimulating that he is already doing very well in the offensive game.

“If I work with him as a forward, a lot of it will be confidence building,” Cole said.

“We’ve seen strikers who are 22 or 23 years old and don’t have a great goal-scoring record. Then something clicked. And they went on. But it depends on the children. and his attitude.”

“Jackson does a lot of things on the field really well. He’s tough to catch, he’s got great feet. He can run in the channels, he works hard and he’s a young striker. So he has to be given his time.”