Liverpool 3-1 Manchester City: Collecting issues after the 2022/23

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Liverpool 3-1 Manchester City: Collecting issues after the 2022/23.

1. Man City are not as aggressive as last year.

Throughout the 90 minutes of today’s game. Although Manchester City were in possession of the ball and finding more shot opportunities than in form. But it is evident that the strength has clearly diminished from the previous season. Of course, this is still just a charity game Liverpool. 

But still, most of the players are the main ones. Which today fell into the side that play into Liverpool’s plans. Losing all the important thing. That the featured attack game can’t put pressure on opponents like the previous games that met again. too

We have to come to see whether Pep Guardiola. Will eventually have a great trick to bring back the magic of the team or not. Or perhaps the Spaniard boss will to put his hands on a test plan. And then release the real thing in the upcoming league game.

2. Jurgen Klopp with all the trophies in England

Victory in the game gives Jurgen Klopp a perfect win in every trophies he has in England. It also led Liverpool to the title for the first time in 16 years. From the last time they did it under Rafa Benitez in 2006. Losing on penalties to both Arsenal and Manchester City in 2019 and 2020. As well as being the champions this year, the Reds are the second-highest Liverpool club ever to lift the trophy. Equivalent to Arsenal at 16. Only Manchester United have done 21 times together.

3. The Bag is still the same page.

Before today’s game, many people will watching the performance. Of new players at both clubs. Who have spent money grabbing onto the team during the past month. But it seems that in the end, the core of both teams is still the same superstar. Mo Salah, who today shoots 1 pay 1. And also creates turmoil in the defense game on the starboard as well as Kevin De Bruyne. Who is clearly still at the heart of the City’s offensive line is dangerous every time he plays with the ball. Can see the difference when he’s substituted. go out

4. Two new stars still need a lot of tuning.

An important highlight in this game. That many people are waiting for is inevitable to see the form of two superstar spearheads, both Erling Haaland and Darwin Nunez. Which today, the Uruguay striker Liverpool’s Guay came down as a substitute in the second half and scored one goal. But if you look at it overall, still need to improve a lot. Even today, running to coordinate with friends will be good. But the wasted opportunity is still unresolved. 

This is also a homework for Klopp to think in order to bring out the striker’s good form. As well as Haaland to say that today. It would not wrong to disappoint. because throughout the 90 minutes being on the field The role with the team is quite small. Plus, when given the opportunity, it’s still not good enough. What’s more, the niche of movement is clearly confusing. Pep will likely have to fix these shortcomings. Before the youngster’s confidence fades.