Liverpool lose but Nunez is getting better

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Liverpool lose but Nunez is getting better

Liverpool suffer their second defeat in their pre-season friendly against Red Bull Salzburg on Wednesday night. And it’s another match that Darwin Nunez. The spearhead of the £85 million owner was unable to score goals against opponents.

That might be because in the first half he started in the starting lineup surrounded by young players and substitutes. by the Uruguay star player stationed in the front of the target while flanked by two ex-Fulham duo, Harvey Elliott and Fabio Carvalho.

In fact, Núñez almost scored as well with two stubborn chances and one hit on the crossbar, although in the end he was scoreless. But it shows us that he has excellent movement and positioning in the box as well.

While the ball handling may not be as smooth as the game against Leipzig, keep in mind that this is just a pre-season where it is difficult to find perfection from the players. Especially the issue of physical condition that must more fit before the start of the season.

This kind of stuff is common in team preparations during the off-season. No player will able to regain fitness from training in less than a month. But Nunez has label a transfer failure for Jurgen Klopp. and Liverpool were go when he was without a goal.

There is one unfortunate thing in this game. Many believe the 23-year-old. Should playing with the first team being sent off in the final half hour. Because when looking picture of the game. They were able to create many opportunities and narrowly miss many times. Only missing a sharp finisher

Klopp knows that. Because he has come out for an interview after the game that if Nunez has played with Mo Salah and Luis Diaz often, it will make his pace into the way up. and make the team more dangerous too

“We prepared the players and everything went well. They could have done better and had some nice moments. Especially in the first half most of the players still had to get use to the way we play.”

As for Salah and Diaz, they tend to pull in to shoot goals as they are good at. But expecting nothing good If a Uruguayan player stands in the penalty area, the dimensions of the attacking game will change and may be more dangerous.

Although some fans may not be happy with Wednesday night’s defeat. But we’ve seen some favorable signs. No one was seriously injured. Everyone looked thirsty for the pitch. The game image is still reliable. Aggressive in the style of Kegen Pressing. Only the door is missing

The Community Shield game against Manchester City on Saturday will be another test. We may see Klopp test the team for the last time. There is a chance that Darwin Nunez will start as a starter and as a backup.

But after this, in our opening game against Fulham, that is the reality where the 23-year-old will be playing alongside key players. And we will see the true potential of Liverpool.