Liverpool vs Manchester City: Pre-match

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Liverpool vs Manchester City: Pre-match issues Community Shield 2022.

1. Update on injury before the game – Liverpool

Both teams appear to have some problems with their key players, with Liverpool side who will not able to play for sure is Diogo Jota. Who has suffered a thigh injury since returning to pre-season camp. While Ali Sson Becker also suffered a chest injury that missed out on the latest game against Salzburg.

While Costas Simikas was also injured in training last weekend. Will still not be able to field on Saturday. In the case of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Who has had a muscle soreness since the middle of the month. Still have to wait to win fitness. Before the game starts again.

2. Update on injury before the game – Man City

Manchester City still struggling with the centre-back position, with Aymeric Laporte report suffering a knee ligament injury. That Pep Guardiola may not be at risk for. Another game is Ruben Dias, who suffered a hamstring injury.

After the game against Bayern Munich. Which throughout the past season. Referred to almost a long period of rest due to injury. But the medical team said that it was a different point. Which is still enough to have a chance to join the team in this weekend’s game. But may not ready to actually enter the field

3. Why did you kick at the King Power Stadium?

As is known, the Community Shield charity football was originally held at Wembley for the past several decades. But this year it has become the home of Leicester City. The King Power Stadium has the right to play in this tournament instead. Because Wembley is in the big tournament UEFA Women’s Euro 2022. Sunday night’s final is a meeting between hosts England and Germany.

4. Measure footsteps, 2 spearheads, red label

Of course, one of the highlights that many people have watching the most is the clash of two new-generation spearheads, Liverpool’s Darwin Nunez and Manchester City’s Erling Haaland. They have tried a little bit in the past warm-up games. Nunez’s side, although in the early stages, was still stuck, being mocked all over social media. But finally defeated the criticism with a one-shot 4. The ball in the game that defeated RB Leipzig 5-0. While Haaland, who had just made his debut against Bayern Munich. But managed to score the winning goal for the Blues to win. 1-0

this weekend so it’s interesting to see what’s real, real arena, even if it’s not an official game. But it is enough to prove that if a game of this level. This level team Will they still be able to break out the divine form that is worth the price?

5. Signs of a League Game

After two months of the end of the season. Many especially Survivor fans, have complain. That the lack of football is extremely boring. Even though Europe’s major leagues have not been played this weekend. But many of you probably already know.

That the Community Shield game on Saturday is a sign that Bong tells us that another week after the game. English Premier League will return to the official kickoff. Which this season The program will quite crowded as there will a World Cup at the end of the year. So much so that the season-opening game kicks off on Friday. Which is rarely the case. It is a London derby game between Crystal Palace at home against Arsenal on Friday night at 2am. The fun of football will officially start again!