PSG ready to sell ‘Dembele’ to force Barca to release

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Paris Saint-Germain have urged Barcelona to accept an offer as they prepare to scrap Ousmane Dembele ‘s deal towards the end of the transfer window in order to sign for a free transfer next summer.

From Barcelona in the last two weeks after Paris Saint-Germain decided to pay the 26-year-old’s €50 million release clause . The final details before acceptance are made, which has left PSG frustrated with the matter as they want Dembele available.

Before the opening match of the Ligue 1 season kicks off this weekend. PSG are prepared to cancel Dembele’s deal. And wait to sign him on a free transfer next summer. When his contract with Barcelona expires and would make Dembele a free agent. Le must stay with Barca in the coming season.

As of today, however, the ‘Mosquito’ has not yet said ‘yes’ to this proposal. Although the club are convinced that he will accept it and in fact he has time to do so. ยูฟ่าเบท

Let’s remember that on the last day of July, before the deadline expired, the Parisian club offered 50 million euros. The amount stipulated in the player’s termination clause before it was doubled in August. And this activated a period of five days. In which the player had to accept the multi-million dollar offer proposed by PSG.

The last signing from PSG’s side might spur Barca’s decision to accept this deal rather than losing Dembele for free next year. While they can also use the proceeds from the sale to strengthen the right-back position that the team needs before the transfer market closes.