Summary of the latest Liverpool transfer market news

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Summary of the latest Liverpool transfer market news.

Before the game, the Reds vs. the Blues

Many Liverpool fans have left unimpress by the team’s. Warm-up performances over the past month. Due both the winning results of 2. Losing 2 of 4 games. There still many players. Who need adjust and get fit in time for the league game. That will start in the next few days. Which this weekend they have a hard queue to meet solid Manchester City in the Community Shield battle. Before as well, perhaps this game is so ominous that the Reds will good enough to suffer Success over Manchester City this season?

Liverpool entangled with rising stars Sheffield United

The UFABET has report that Liverpool are set to join Newcastle and Chelsea in the pursuit of 18-year-old England-Danish striker William Osula. Who made his first-team debut. Double Sword and then last season. However, the media pointed out. That the Blues were the favorites to get the Wonder Shin to join the team.

The old boy, the Reds, is set to join Roma.

Several media outlets have reported in the same direction that Roma are in talks with Paris Saint-Germain over a bid for former Liverpool midfielder Gini Wijnaldum. Who appears to have been unsuccessful at PSG when. Last season by Jose Mourinho, the Wolves coach was quite impressed with the way the Dutch midfielder played this Initially. The transfer of the team may loan contract.

Midfield options Liverpool link Balbade

According to Spanish publication Football365, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp is a huge fan of Real Madrid’s Uruguayan midfielder Federico Balvade and is awaiting the perfect opportunity. Grab the midfielder to join the team, with the 24-year-old being move by Carlo Ancelotti often to attack and play a key role in the team’s win at the European Championships. last season Which the media said concluded that the Reds will be willing to pay unlimited if the player wants to move to Anfield in the future.

Johnson advises the Swans to rush Bellingham

“You always do this with young players that you are not sure they will be good enough to be in your team. But I believe Jude can really improve our team. I can see the pros and cons in this deal. Half of his heart will be focused on playing for Liverpool, so you’d better spend the money and finish this deal because I believe he’s good enough to play at Anfield.” Glen John Former right-back Nason has revealed the links between Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham.