Upamecano reveals he’s working to fix the mistake.

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Dayot Upamecano admits to his own mistake in being sent off the field for 2 games in a row until he was released as a reserve for Bayern Munich in the latter period.

Bayern Munich defender Dayot Upamecano, 25, admits criticism is part of his career and insists he is working to correct his mistakes to seize the opportunity. From the trainer again from a report from UFABET on Tuesday.

Upamecano came under fire after the 25-year-old defender was sent off in two consecutive February games in a 0-1 loss to Lazio in the Champions League. Following the game, Bochum lost 2-3 on the Bundesliga stage, causing the French center to become the majority of substitutes since then. 

‘Criticism is part of our job. But personally I don’t think I could get any worse than this. Just because I got two red cards in two games, I think everyone can make mistakes.’

‘The most important thing is to keep working. And that’s what I’m doing. The coach decides. I’m always there in training. And the day he will let me start again.’

‘I’m playing for Bayern Munich and France. There’s criticism everywhere. If you focus only on criticism You will definitely not succeed. I will try to analyze what I did well. And what I didn’t do well I watch a lot of videos. My family always supports me,’ Upamecano said.

However, that didn’t ensure that Upamecano escaped the wrath of social media and, shortly afterwards, a number of users online commented on the incident. 

One user wrote: ‘Upamecano is saved from a straight red by inches, then concedes an incredibly harsh penalty and gets booked, but Haaland skies the penalty. Upamecano’s luck has been aggressively swinging between match saving & tie killing.’ 

‘Upamecano is going to wake up in cold sweats at night over this tie for the next decade,’ another said.

‘Dayot Upamecano is a lucky boy,’ one user remarked, while another said: ‘Someone measure Upamecano’s heart rate’.

There was a running theme in some comments, as one user said: ‘Upamecano literally couldn’t have done more to gift the tie to City if he tried. Unbelievably bad in both legs.’